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USM School ERP provides a suite of software covering all parts of a schools’ administration, managing registration and admissions, managing Library, Fee, Accounts, Front – Office, Inventory, Time Table, Infirmary, Hostel & Mess, HR & Payroll and Transport .

Complete application is created in such a manner that at almost all possible places, you may play with records in your style, you may create master records as per your need.

USM School Management is Multi-Branching education ERP System. This application will help the organization that has many Branch Schools and a Super Admin can control all the branches and staff. Each branch will be controlled by Admin. Information about different branches, cannot be viewed or modified by other branch users. 

All information will be separate and secure. It is effective and helpful for both types of schools, polytechnics and universities. There are language translation systems, Any user can change language and sessions and see all the systems in different languages and sessions record. Multiple branch systems will save your time and money, just one solution.

Benefits Of USM School Management System


Super Admin can create the school branches and control all the branches and staffs along with parents / students.​


Branch will be controlled by Admin. Information about different branches, not viewed or modified by other branch. ​


Schedule classes, conduct online assessments, Record attendance & performance, Manage reports and events.​


Parents can pay fee online, student get live online classes and all the study material online & report card etc. ​

Easy User Interface (UI) : The user interface of our school management software is very easy to understand allowing different users to manage and perform various operations without any hassle.

Personalised, Role-based access : Our USM School Management system comprises different modules, hence each stakeholder gets a personalised experience and can easily access a large number of features.

Easiest School ERP to learn and use : We understand that technology is not everyone’s best friend, hence our school ERP has been so designed that it is very easy to learn and use by all stakeholders involved.

Dynamic Plugins- USM School Apps : with this feature, USM School Management system allows school to share important updates such as the latest news, upcoming events, calender etc.

Free Demonstration: Whether you’ve heard about our USM school ERP from someone, or bumped into our website somehow, we’re always available for free demonstrations, First, get to know about our product and then make a decision.

Works across platforms: Be it Android, iOS or Web-based School Management software across all platforms without any glitch.

Live Support : Facing an issue with the software? We’re just a call away. You can easily reach out to our support team which is always there to assist with proper solutions for all your queries.

Web-based : USM School Management system is completely web-based so it can be accessed anywhere, anytime with an active internet connection.

Multi-User Functionality: Each module of our school management software comes with different features, hence multiple users in a single module can use and access data without any trials and tribulations.

Customisable Modules : At USM, we understand that the structure and needs of every schools are different, hence each module that we offer can be tailored as per the requirements of the institute.

Cost and Energy Saving: USM Multi-School ERP allows you to access data whenever you want to from any corner of the country, and you can generate beautiful reports, invoices and receipts with a single click. These reports can be saved in different formats.

SMS and Email Integration: One of the best things about USM Multi-School ERP is that it keeps parents updated about their ward’s progress and performance and with email and SMS integration, they can be informed about attendance, examinations, important events, homework and reports.

Empowers your Teachers & IT Department: Being a comprehensive tool, our school management system gives teachers and IT departments the power to manage and save important records, eliminating the need of doing everything with pen and paper. This saves a lot of time which can be used to perform other important operations.

How To Works Live Online Classes

  • Create a zoom account and get the API keys from your zoom account and save it in the “Live Class Settings” under “School Settings”.
  • Create zoom meetings for each live class from your zoom account.
  • Add Live Class in your USM School application and enter zoom meeting id & password.
  • Students will get the live class SMS notification and will appear on the live class rooms page.
  • Employees will start meeting using Zoom App / USM school just before the scheduled time.
  • Students will simply click the Join Class button and you must approve their requests.
  • After the student joins, he will watch live streaming video classes.

Unified Multi School Facility

Multi Language

Optimized Performance

Powerful Office Accounting

Advanced Fees Collection

Advanced Human Resource

SMS & Email Alert with Template

Online Admission Module

Online Fees Payment System for Parents / Student

Powerful Library Management

Advanced Hostel Module

Advanced Transport System

Admin Panel

Teachers Panel

Fees Collction

Parents Panel

Students Panel


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