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Welcome to Unified School Management

In this ever-changing environment, keeping a competitive edge means being able to anticipate and respond quickly to changing business conditions. USM SCHOOL ERP, primarily deals with all the activities related to School under one application only. In this application, we talk about of Admission, Fees, HR & Payroll, Transport, Examination, Inventory, Accounts, Library, Infirmary, Shop Reception, Hostel, Class teacher, time table, Attendance, Message, Online Live Classes(Zoom) etc. modules with enhanced reporting system. This cost effective software is created in such a manner that at almost all possible places, you have the liberty to play with records as per your need, and can create master records as per your requirement and use them accordingly. We aim to carve a position in the forefront, and it is our continuing goal to gain the trust of our clients. Our Motto is to serve the purpose of our clients with perfection.


USM School Management is Multi-Branching education ERP System. This application will help the organization that has many Branch Schools and a Super Admin can control all the branches and staff. Each branch will be controlled by Admin. Information about different branches, cannot be viewed or modified by other branch users. All information will be separate and secure. It is effective and helpful for both types of schools, polytechnics and universities. There are language translation systems, Any user can change language and sessions and see all the systems in different languages and sessions record. Multiple branch systems will save your time and money, just one solution.


Super Admin can create the school branches and control all the branches and staffs along with parents / students.


Branch will be controlled by Admin. Information about different branches, not viewed or modified by other branch.


Schedule classes, conduct online assessments, Record attendance & performance, Manage reports and events.


Parents can pay fee online, student get live online classes and all the study material online & report card etc.

Why is USM School ERP important for schools?

Managing day-to-day administrative tasks was never an easy piece of work for schools. With the help of technological advancements, school management has now become easier than ever. A school ERP software allows schools to go paperless and control everything with just a single click. Be it circulating important news and events or generating receipts and report cards, it can all be easily done in no time. USM Multi School ERP software can transform your school campus into a modern digital campus. All administrative tasks can be monitored on a single platform in the most effective manner. Not to mention, it also helps in improving stakeholder collaboration and provide an enhanced experience to the parents and students. In a nutshell, a school ERP software is a one-stop solution for managing the daily administrative tasks so that a school can function in a better way.

Single app for all users with separate login

USM School App is a simple and intuitive application focused on student/parent can access their school information on mobile. The aim is to not only enhance learning experience of the students, but also enrich the lives of parents so they can monitor their child academic activities.

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