Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Who we are

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Your privacy is very important to us.

The USM platform is a school platform. It processes the same data that a school needs for the enrollment and school life of the child in school.

This platform does not process data or means of payment.

USM will not ask you for your credit card number or any other information related to the means of payment.

Our platform records and stores your data, in particular Name, first name, telephone number, email address and all other information necessary for your school life.

This information is entered by the educational establishments or by our support service at the request of the establishments. They are kept as long as the establishment deems necessary. The platform does not keep any copies.

Our servers are secure and protected against computer attacks of all kinds, although we do not process payment.


Access to your account


Access to your account is made by entering your username and password.

You have the choice of staying logged in or authenticating each time you use the app.

Only you know your pass pot. In case of loss of forgetfulness, you can either reset it.

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